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Adult Breastfeeding with Two Light Plumpers

Estrella and Sophia are a couple of light plumpers with milky boobs.  As you know, it’s not unusual to do shoots with two, or even three, girls who are all have milky boobs.  But it is very unusual to have a girls like Estrella who is still lactating herself but who’s also willing to do adult breastfeeding from another girl like Sofia.  I also have girls who drink their own milk but that’s another shoot and another story and a really huge pair of milky boobs.

You should recognize Estrella as her and her milky boobs have been in several previous shoots.  But Sophia is brand new with a baby who’s just a couple of months old and a whole bunch of milk in those per little milky tits.

Even though the girls didn’t know each other beforehand they got friendly pretty quickly and had a great time squirting milk and messing around.  Don’t miss Estrella and Sofia in adult breastfeeding action.

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