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Erotic Lactating WebCam Girl Available for Your Pleasure

Guys, you’ve got to check out Camila (aka SamanthaHot) doing her erotic lactation milk squirting show on web cam. I had the pleasure of meeting her for a photo shoot a few weeks back, and I can tell you for sure that she’s hot, sexy, and bursting with milk.

You can find her by following this link to her cam girl page. She’s usually available Monday through Saturday mornings in the Latin America GMT -5 time zone. With a pleasant personality and frequent “Auto-dripping” (hyper-active letdown), she’s sure to please.

Of course, you can also find her first erotic lactation milk wars set over on In this set she has a milk war with her lactating friend Loren. Oh, and don’t worry, Loren is not really crying, she’s just got milk in her eye! Here are a few samples to get you started:

Huge Milky Boobs Make Huge Milk Tits Milk Mess

Okay guys, this is the big erotic lactation milky boobs event you’ve been waiting for.  Actually two huge milky boobs on the amazing Perla and two hot mamacitas, Juliana and Valentina who play with Perla’s milky boobs and make an equally huge mess doing it.

Ever since I began working with Perla I’ve wondered exactly how much milk is in those milky boobies.  One night Perla brought Juliana and Valentina over to show me.  And, of course, they decided to make their milky mess in my bed which meant getting out the plastic sheets and waterproof mattress cover.  Lucky I used double protection because, as you can see, Perla was carrying a huge amount of milk.

The girls had so much fun that we never did measure Perla’s breast milk.  Which is a good excuse to make another huge milky mess with Perla’s huge milky boobs.  And while you’re checking out Perla’s huge milky boobs here don’t miss her milk tits shower scene we did the next day.

Safety First When Squirting Milk To Make Lactation Videos

Crystal and Ebony are two dark-skinned milky boobs girls who have made lactation videos with me before.  Now, no one has ever been injured making a lactation video in the last five years – milk squirting up a nose or in an eye doesn’t count.  But on their way over to make this lactation video the girls saw one of those “153 days without an injury” signs on a construction site and decided that they had to be protected – just in case.

Now I think masks, gloves, goggles and knee pads are pretty silly for a lactation video but it made the girls happy and got them to squirt their milk for you, so who’s complaining.  Some of you may know Ebony, the taller girl with the really big milky boobs while Crystal is the thin petite one with the smaller but still very nice milky tits.  You can watch the whole high definition video of them squirting their milk tits on each other at Lactation Fantasy.  And no one got injured – not even me. Oh, and look how crazy high Crystal can squirt her tit milk!

Adult Breastfeeding – Guy Drinks Light Plumper’s Milky Tits

Mya is one of my light plumper milky tits models who’s made lactation videos for me before.  This time she brought over her husband Charles, who looks like he just stepped out of a gangsta rap video, to do some adult breastfeeding tit milk sucking and milky tits drinking for you.

I’m sure Charles didn’t expect his wedding vows to include making adult breastfeeding videos with his milk tit wife but I think he did a great job for a first-timer in front of my camera.  He certainly acted like he had a good time drinking Mya’s milky tits and then letting it dribble down his chin.  As a matter of fact, I would not be surprised to see a little adult breastfeeding going on in their house later, off the camera.

This shoot has more close-ups than most so you can see every little detail of Mya’s smooth-skin and Charles tit milk drinking.  You can see all of Mya’s milk tits and Charles’ adult breast feeding here.

Keeping Adult Breastfeeding Tit Milk Drinking in the Family

There’s an old expression, “You can’t make this shit up”, that often applies on a daily basis in my life.  Estrella and her milk tits have been in more lactation videos and done more adult breastfeeding scenes than I can remember.  I needed her to fulfill you guys’ insatiable demand for adult breastfeeding but her regular drinking partner Daniela had gone home.  I tell you there’s a fine brain behind those big milk tits because Estrella brought over her daughter-in-law, Laura, one afternoon.

Estrella knew that Laura was going to do adult breastfeeding and I knew Laura was going to do adult breastfeeding but Laura started out shy and wanted to just pose alone with all her clothes on.  Well, she warmed up fast and you’ll see that she has a fine, tight little body and is perfect for you guys who love tiny titties.

Faster than anyone could believe, Laura got into drinking Estrella’s milk, even squeezing it out of Estrella’s milk tits herself.  It’s a long adult breastfeeding video and a big photo shoot and you can see all of it at Lactation-Fantasy.

Are These the Perfect Pair of Lactating Milk Tits?

I know that most of you guys are like me when it comes to milk tits – small, large, perky, saggy, black, brown or white, as long as they’re milky we like them, we look at them and maybe we think about what it would be like to adult breastfeed from them.  But I also have a Goldilocks and the Three Bears-style idea of the perfect pair of milk tits.  You probably do too, not too big,not too small, perky and attached to a girl with a great smile and attitude.

So let me introduce you to a new girl, Kelly with the great, if not actually perfect, perky MILK TITS.  Not too big, not too small and, most importantly, filled with milk that she squirts for us.  And for you guys who like such things, she’s a naturally hairy milk tits girl too.  You can see the whole perfect milk tits pictures and high definition video at Lactation-Fantasy.  And don’t miss Kelly using her perfect milk tits to fix me a bowl of my favorite cereal – Captain Crunch!

Milkman’s Milky Boobs Jungle Lactation Adventure

I put my life on the line to get this milky boobs adventure for you guys.  There was only one day when I could get my tight-bodied Latina posse together for a shoot in the jungle:  Valentina with the pert milky boobs plus her hot-bodied friends Natacha and Mary.  Now here’s the life on the line part, I had dengue fever at the time and could barely move but couldn’t resist shooting milky boobs in the jungle.  Lucky for me, Valentina’s husband Lucho came along and he helped me wrangle the girls into position and saved me from going over a couple of waterfalls when I couldn’t see straight.

So how did my little milk tit adventure turn out?  Great, of course.  Valentina and Lucho had a great time playing in a little waterfall and squirting milk out of her pert little milky boobs.  And the other girls did a great job of posing for you.  You can see all of my milky boobs jungle adventure pictures and high definition video here.

Tres Chicas: Pregnant Belly, Lactating Tits and Hairy Pussy

Just for something a little different I have two pregnant bellies, two hairy pussies and one pair of lactating tits in this three girl shoot. Ya, I know that does not add up to three, but I’m bad at math, and good at LACTATING TITS. Plus, I never said that each girl has only one of the aforementioned qualities.  And to confuse the issue further, two of the gals have the same name – Diana. Let’s call them “Tres Chicas” for simplicity!

The one with the biggest PREGNANT BELLY is Diana, who is six months pregnant. She’s already got a little milk as you can see from the close up photo of her lactating tits. The beautiful, curly haired non-pregnant girl with the trimmed, but none the less quite hairy pussy is also Diana. And finally, we have the tiny titted Sol, who has a three months pregnant belly, and who just has just a little landing strip of pussy hair.

Obviously, there’s not a lot of lactation or lactating tits in this session, but it’s pretty damn erotic with the girls messing around with each other fully nude. This set is a little more “porno” and hard-edged than my normal lactation sets.  Check out all of the pregnant, hairy and lactating tres chicas now.

Titties of All Sizes and Some Milk Tits Too

This is the photo shoot for you if you can’t make up your mind about what size of titties you prefer.  Or if you’re like me and like all titties, small medium or large.  And contrary to what you might first guess, it’s Valentina with the smallest titties who’s lactating and squirts her milk in this photo set.  Mary has the medium sized titties an the new girl Dora is the one with the big boobies.

I know you guys like the butt shots of light plumpers like Dora so I got a bunch of them in this set.  She was a little embarrassed because she thinks she’s fat but I reassured her that her boobies and butt were the perfect size.  I also got pictures for you of Valentina squirting her breast milk into a drinking glass.  And Valentina brought her husband along to the shoot and he’s in there too.  Lucky guy to be next to all those wonderful titties.  Almost as lucky as Big Bear. So see all of the small, medium and large boobs here along with some milk from the littlest titties.

Gia Drinks Her Own Breast Milk Off Lorna’s Pretty Titties

You’ve seen Lorna’s pretty titties and dazzling smile before.  I normally don’t do more than one shoot with any girl who isn’t LACTATING but Lorna is just so hot I’ll happily break the rules for her.  And Gia is a snowbird Canadian who got tired of freezing her milky titties and flew down for a tropical vacation.  You can tell that Gia’s from a cold climate because it her skin doesn’t look like it’s seen an instant of sun for months.

I like it a lot when the girls fondle each others milky titties and Lorna gets both hands around Gia’s here.  Lorna even squeezes some milk out of Gia too.  But it wouldn’t be one of my shoots without girls squirting milk on each other and so Gia squirts her milky boobs all over Lorna.  And the she really surprised me by licking her own milk off of Lorna’s pretty titties.    If a girl drinking her own milk isn’t erotic lactation I don’t know what is.  You can see all of the milky titties fondling, squirting and licking here.